A Game of Tug of War

We have two new dogs, yes, two.  I know I am obviously missing a few brain cells.  Anyways, Samson and Goliath have come to live with us.  Samson is a little four pound Yorkie with extra-long legs.  He is not much bigger than a squirrel.  Goliath is a ”papdachiwennie,” a Papillion-Chihuahua-Dachshund, which is just a fancy way of saying he is a mutt with really short legs.  He weighs about 9 pounds.  Despite their size they are fully grown adult dogs. They are not going to get any bigger; however, nobody told them they are little mutts.  They think they are royalty in our house.

These two adorable pounds of wet tongues and hair have wiggled their ways into our hearts.  Their food is hand mixed to their delight every morning and night.  They lay around all day lounging in the warmth of the sun.  They expect and demand your attention and we willingly give it to them. 

If we sit down the next thing you know one or both of them will soon follow wriggling their little bodies in beside you on the chair.  It is amazing how much space their little bodies take up.  Gene will be squeezed over into a few inches of his recliner while they are stretched out beside him with their feet up in the air reclining and basking in the glory of his attention. 

It has turned out having two dogs works out well.  They entertain each other and us.  One of their favorite things to do is to play tug of war with each other.  They have this little bitty stuffed rabbit named Kong.  (I know we seem to have problems with proportions and names.  I mean really to name a little four-inch flat stuffed animal Kong?)  It is their favorite toy.  They will toss and chase Kong all over the house.  They both want to play with Kong and soon they will fall into a playful fight over their toy. 

Samson may be the smallest; but, he is fierce when it comes to Kong.  He uses his four long legs to dig in and stand firm.  Goliath growls fiercely at him and pulls back.  It is obvious Goliath could mop the floor with Samson; but, he doesn’t. 

He playfully goes back and forth playing the game, letting Samson think he is winning.  There comes a point in the game when you realize Goliath has just about had enough.  There is a determination and almost an audible huff before Goliath goes in for the kill.  You would expect that Goliath would just throw his weight around and snatch Kong out of Samson’s mouth.  But, instead, just when Samson decides to go for the gusto and puts all four pounds behind this magnificent show of strength pulling with great intensity, Goliath lets go. 

Samson tumbles backwards head over tail in a tumultuous cartwheel of hilarity that just makes us laugh.  And, In the midst of topsy-turvy turn of events Goliath swoops in and reclaims Kong.  Samson will right himself up, whimper a little, and shake things off all the while looking rather bewildered, wondering what just happened. 

Sometimes I think we act that way with God.  We like to get into a tug of war of words and prayers with Him.   “Please God I really need this.  I really want this. This is really what is best for me If you are really a God of love and justice you will give it to me.  If you give me what I want, I promise I will go to church every Sunday and tell Pastor Crowe she is the best preacher in the whole wide world.” 

We tug and pull at God’s will trying to force God to give into our way of thinking, trying to get God to give us what we want.  At times, God will play the game with us and at other times I think He just lets go.  We give into our self-centered egos and our lives spin out of control.  And, we wonder what in the world happened? How did we ever end up in this mess?  You see we all like free will, the freedom to choose and do what we want until our free will ends us up in one big mess. 

Isaiah 55:8-9 (NIV) 8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. 9

 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.


I can’t really fully explain it; but this is what I have learned over time and many tumbles into the depths of self-imposed catastrophes.  God’s ways are better than mine.  God’s thoughts are better than mine.   Maybe it because He can see things from a different viewpoint then mine.  Maybe it is because He can see the end of the story when I am stuck in the middle.  Maybe it is because he is God and I’m not.

Either way, He knows what’s best in my life.  Maybe instead struggling with a game of tug and war. maybe it is time to just trust and follow Him.  The truth is He has never led me astray.  And, He won’t lead you astray either.