At the Movies

Some movies entertain us. Some make us laugh. Others inform us.  The best ones inspire us.  They have a way of communicating unlike any other art form.  They often tell powerful stories of human experience that draw us to the edge of our seats.  We can become so enmeshed in the story lines that we begin to see ourselves and our lives played out on the big screen. 

And, whether filmmakers know it or not, God’s imprint can be found all over their stories. Many films contain messages of hope, images of the Savior, inspirational stories, and encouragement for those struggling with life.   Starting June 25, I will be beginning a new Sermon series:  At the Movies.   This series will feature several of our church leaders’ favorite movies. 

The series is not a critique of the movies.  They are not intended to be an endorsement the movies. Nor are they meant to be lightweight sermons for us to take a break during the summer from biblical truths.  Instead, they will be an opportunity for us practice the art of “noticing” where God’s story creeps in unintended or uninvited into today’s culture.

Like Jesus used stories and parables to point to spiritual truths, we will be using Hollywood’s best as illustrations for divine instruction.  We will compare the twists and turns of the theatre with the realities of our lives and learn where God has called us to grow more like him. 

While we will not be taking a break from biblical truths, we will be changing up the worship service a little bit.  It is easy for all of us to get into a rut with the way we do things.  Summer is a great time to break away from the Sunday morning routine for a moment and, to allow God to jar us back into appreciating the gift of traditional worship.  It is also a great time to invite others to meet Jesus in a new way. 

It might even be fun to invite a few people over to your home the week before the sermon to watch the featured film. (Some movies will be available to check out through the church office.) Fellowship together, talk about the movie, and start noticing where God’s story can be seen.  God came to people at a wedding, at a kingly coronation, on the side of a road, at a well, in a cave, in a bush, through a star, and even through a donkey.  Let’s let God use the movies for something more than lining Hollywood’s pocketbooks. 

June 25 – The Shack

July 2 – The Patriot

July 9 – Casablanca

July 16 – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

July 23 – The Incredible Mr. Limpet

July 30 – TBD

So grab some popcorn and come and find a seat, the movie is about to begin!