Nothing Hidden

by Courtney A. Hulsey


I have a nice commute to work during the week, so I have been listening to various podcasts and audio books.  One audio book, in particular, is entitled “So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore.  In this book, she talks about how damaging it can be to be ruled by our insecurities, and she addresses the beginning of the journey to overcoming them.  When referring to being vulnerable about her own insecurities, she summarizes that it can be a challenge to be transparent with people, because people often view things through the lens of their experience, pain, and their own insecurities.  But she has no problem being vulnerable with God because she has been in relationship with Him for so long, she knows Him; she trusts Him and His heart implicitly.  She understands that nothing was hidden from Him, and He views things through the lens of Christ.

One of my favorite parts of Scripture is the book of Psalms, I think, in part, because it was the first music book.  I could always imagine David tending his sheep on a hillside, singing his prayers before the Lord. Nestled within the book of Psalms is Psalm 139, a beautiful song to the Lord, reminding us that the Lord knows us more intimately, more transparently than anyone else.  God created our inmost being…the deepest parts of who we are where no one dare tread because it is reserved for the Holy One.  That part of us where the first breath of God was breathed, giving us life.  David, in beautiful poetry, assures us that nothing about us is hidden from the heart of the Lord.

My moments of true joy and laughter…He sees them.  My moments of deepest struggle and tears…He feels them.  Those moments I find myself in the chapel praying for the music ministry…He hears me.  Those moments when I feel so alone…He is beside me.  When I wake up grumpy…He knows.  When I go to bed exhausted…He’s there.  The time of day doesn’t matter, nor do the circumstances; The Lord is with me.  There is nothing hidden from Him.

He is not just a “Sunday morning, only within the walls of the church building” God.  His is an “everywhere, every moment, every place” God.  Even as I write this, I am awed by the knowledge that He is here in the office. Oh, that I would be more mindful of the Lord’s presence.


Oh Lord,
You know me!  You know when I sit, and when I stand.  You know when I sleep and when I wake.  All of my days were planned out in Your book before even one came to pass.  You, alone, hold my moments and my days.  There is no where I can go that You’re not there.  No mountain top, nor dark pit where I am totally alone; You are with me. You collect all my tears in Your bottle and my name…MY name is written on the palm of Your hand.  Help me, help us to be more aware of You.  Teach us to see things, including ourselves, through the same lens as You do.  Amen, and Amen.