Vote for the King

It is only one week until the presidential election.  You would have to be living under a rock to not know that.  The political ads and candidate bashing is at an all-time high.  Facebook posts and Tweets spew with indignant self-righteousness as individuals choose sides dividing family and friends over which candidate to support.  Families are, literally, fighting over it.  People are “defriending” each other and hiding posts from those they think are just plain wrong.  All kinds of half-truths and “leaks” about candidates are splashed across the headlines and news reports. 

 As a pastor, I recognize people are passionate about their politics and candidates.  So, I try not to preach from the pulpit about who you should vote for during election time.  Oh, I have my opinions, believe you me.  But I value my head and love my job too much to lose it over political jocking.  Recently, however, a fellow pastor posted the following bipartisan view that I thought might challenge each of us as we consider casting our vote.

From the Facebook Post of Rev. Derek Porter

Here are my politics.

When a mass shooting occurs, I look forward to the day of weapons being beaten into plow shares.

When natural disasters kill hundreds and thousands, I look forward to the day God heals this broken and scarred creation and death will be no more.

When I think of unborn children aborted, countless children abandoned and untold lives needlessly taken through war and famine, I beg for the day when the trumpet will blow and the physical arms of Jesus are offered to our most vulnerable.

When I think of our culture that celebrates the individual as gods, I look forward to the day where all people of all nationalities and cultures kneel at the feet of the one true God.

Believing in and surrendering my will to the Kingdom of God does not blend well with our current political climate. It just doesn’t. So here is what I do.

I remember and try to act on Jesus’ words, “If someone is hungry, give them something to eat. If someone is cold, give them a coat.” “The people that you despise, they are your neighbors, love them as you love yourself.” When the rips and tears in creation show themselves, it’s the only thing that gives me hope.

At the end of the day, I could care less who becomes our next President. I know my King.”


Amen and Amen.